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Magic BBQ Rub

Magic BBQ Rub

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Our extraordinary Magic BBQ Rub is a captivating blend that will sprinkle a touch of culinary sorcery into your BBQ creations. Prepare to be spellbound by the bewitching combination of spices that will elevate your BBQ experience to a whole new level.

All-Purpose & Versatile: Whether you're bbq'ing succulent steaks, roasting tender chicken, smoking sticky ribs or even experimenting with tacos or spag bol, our versatile Magic BBQ Rub will leave its mystical mark on any dish, making it a must-have in your spice drawer.

Unveil the Magic: Applying the spellbinding flavour is as easy as waving a wand. Sprinkle our Magic BBQ Rub generously on your meat of choice, allowing it to work its charm and enhance the natural flavours while you cook.

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